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Batty Natty

    (80%20 shoes, White + Warren tee, We Are Rubbish shorts, Bally bag)

    Photos by Raych of That's Chic

    I had to call this post "Batty Natty" because that was the title of the folder these images were on, sent by the amazing Raych of That's Chic! She was in NYC for work and so of course we had to get together! During her stay, we went out with friends for an evening dinner, but then the weather turned on us and it started raining like crazy. The thunder and lightning actually created an awesome view from her hotel windows, which overlooked all of Manhattan! Us dorky girls had a night in, watched comfort television like The Cosby Show, all while getting tipsy on our wine. She is the funniest girl I know and I'm so happy we get to got together on the east coast! We snapped these photos by Cooper Square in the East Village, where we stumbled upon this awesome looking doorstep. It was an old building and the black paint was chipping off, but it definitely had that classic New York charm. I always feel like wearing stripes now, it is such a New York thing! The shoes are perfect for when I need to wear heels in the city. With the thick sole, they feel like sneakers! Now that I look at these pictures, I can see why Raych labeled me as BATTY NATTY! Welcome to the dark side :)

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