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DKNY Summer Bash

    Wearing a simple Cotton On tee, By Corpus skirt, and Vanessa Mooney jewelry.


    The artist drew out my blog name, so amazing!

    This girl is AMAHZING. period.

    Even though I've been so busy with work, I always squeeze some fun time into my life as well. Right after work, I rushed home, quickly threw on this striped oversize tee and high waisted skirt, and actually made it to the DKNY pool party just in time! I wanted to be very casual for this little summer bash. My good friend Taisa (of the website Amahzing) and I sipped on champagne and munched on amazing hors d' ouvres like juicy mini cheeseburgers! I was so full off of them that I had to skip dinner altogether! The event was held at the Dream Hotel in the Meatpacking district, one of the most beautiful, trendy hotels in the city. There, I ran into so many people that I have worked with here in NYC and so it was great to see some familiar faces. DKNY was celebrating the launch of their latest sunglasses collection and everyone took home an awesome pair. Because I have a smaller face, I went with one of their new small framed sunnies! Can't wait to show them to you! There are so many amazing events lined up here in NYC. I just hope I have time to attend them! :)

The Sleeveless Button Down

    (We Are Rubbish blouse, Wanderlust + Co necklace, By Corpus shorts, Coach handbag)

    I think nude might be my favorite shade to wear, especially with a dark red lip, which I happen to sport very often now! With the heat, a red lip has come down to being one of my main accessories. Here I'm wearing a very basic nude on nude look during my stay in Philly. Because I am addicted to button downs, I've been looking high and low for a sleeveless one that works well in this unbearably icky heat, and luckily found the perfect one! The asymmetrical hem billows beautifully to one side and looks great with just a very simple cotton short. Unfortunately, I was in a total time crunch and ran out the door realizing later that I didn't get a chance to iron it. Oh well, it's erm...grungy? Enough about my non existent relationship with an ironing board, here's what I've been carrying around every day of my busy schedule here in the city! This huge but totally amazing leather Coach bag. Straight out of the new "Chelsea" collection, I'm hooked. This baby looks good with everything and gahhh the inner compartments kind of saved my life. Never do I ever have to hold everyone up at the subway station searching for my MetroCard or remain outside my building looking for my house keys. IT'S THE BEE'S KNEES.

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Morning Walk in the Park

    (Urban scarf, old Insight tee, True Religion shorts, Velvetine bag, Urban Sandals, Milor Italy purple ring)

    I live for morning walks like these at this local park in Brooklyn Heights. The tree lined Cadman Plaza park always seems to look like fall with the abundance of scattered leaves. This place is picture perfect every single day. Although it looked beautiful, it was sweltering and so opted for one of my oldest printed tees along with probably the tiniest shorts I own. In this heat, less clothes the better! I do seem to always wrap something around my arms these days, and because I was planning on spending the entire days indoors at the Met, I threw on my favorite floral scarf. I love the print and the sheer, lightweight fabric. It moves and drapes perfectly. It was such a dreamy morning, so glad that I was there to take photos and capture the moment...just before the sun came out.

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A Little Something For You

    As most of you know, I've been singing and performing my entire life. It's kind of been my little secret and is still very personal to me yet I'm happy I got the time to sit down and record this little piece for you. I feel totally at home playing around with music and it's just another thing that has come naturally to me. This time, I covered one of my absolute favorite Adele songs, "Someone Like You." My good friend gifted me her album and when I heard this song, I stopped in my tracks. It's just so beautiful and there's so much emotion behind it. I love a powerful voice and heartfelt, soulful lyrics. Adele is just someone I really admire at the moment. This song really made me want to sing again. I hope you enjoy it! (Wearing a Ruche blouse)

Pink and Tie-Dye

    (White + Warren wrap scarf, Volcom tee, Tilly Boutique shorts, Sienna Ray bag)

    This was one of my favorite days in Philadelphia. It was so relaxing. My sister, Dylana, and I walked all through Old City, one of the most beautiful areas I've ever seen. I love lazy days like these. We munched on Lorenzo's pizza and literally walked at a snails pace through the cemeteries and historical landmarks. There really is nothing better than hanging out with family. We can just have fun doing absolutely nothing and be totally content. We made our way through the gorgeous brick covered parks. The fallen leaves made the place look totally unreal and magical. I feel like I sort of blended in here with my simple, pastel colored look. It was very hot and humid, but this lightweight wrap was great for walking around the city. It kept me from getting burned under the sun, all while giving my simple tee and shorts look a little extra something. You know I'm a sucker for anything striped... but this one came with a tie-dye twist. Can't really get any better than that! This might just be one of my favorite ensembles for a weekend off duty. I love having little breaks from the crazy nyc lifestyle. Already looking forward to my next visit!

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Electric Blue

    (HaveaLook blouse and skirt, Sienna Ray bag, Bloch ballet flats)

    I have been dying to wear more color and when my sister gifted me this electric blue skirt, I was ecstatic. I need more airy pieces in my life! Especially in this dreadful heat. Another little gift from the big sis? This stellar sheer backed crop top. Paired with my favorite ballet flats and I was ready for a fun evening out. These babies travel with me everywhere and I desperately need a new pair. I have literally walked MILES in them already. But it's crazy how hard it is to find simple black flats that have the right cut. Living on the east coast, I've learned to dress and be prepared for a full day out. You never know where you'll end up or how much walking you'll be doing! I wore this simple ensemble to prance around City Hall in Philadelphia over the weekend. This place could easily be mistaken for Europe huh? The architecture is absolutely stunning! It's one of my favorite spots in Philly. Every time I walk by I just stop and stare... dreaming of Paris of course! But the best part of this evening? My friends and I went out dancing and ended up walking home late at night (not smart considering we were in a pretty dangerous area...imagine, 4 girls...bloggers...desperately trying to get back to Center City alive) and some dude said we looked like "Sex and the City, but in COMPTON!" so priceless! I'll take that as a compliment...

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Events Galore

    COACH event with my very good friend Kim!

    I was obsessed with this bag, and even got to take it home! I cannot stop wearing it now!

    With our favorite PR girl, Vanessa!!

    I already love all my NYC bloggers!!

    I LOVE Karen!! She's the sweetest and gah, SO FUNNY!

    Dinner at The Spotted Pig. This burger was delicious!

    I'm wearing: Alpinestars by Denise Focil blouse and vintage trousers

    With Denni and Kim at the Macy's Bar III launch party. It very well may be my new favorite Impulse label. Denni was our host and also stylist of the lookbook! I'm so happy she was in town!

    New York, New York, you're magical at night.

    Estee Lauder brunch in Manhattan with the perfume creators! Launch of SENSUAL NUDE and omg, it smells amazing!

    This past week was full of fun, fashion events here in New York. I'm officially party pooped! I'm normally such a homebody but if there is something going on for a brand I love or for a project I support, I always make sure to attend. Well, let's start from the top. Coach hosted a cute, intimate event at their new Bleecker store to showcase their new "Chelsea" collection. I fell in love with the large leather satchels that ranged in color from a deep gray to the brightest of red. Instantly, I knew I wanted that gray handbag and now I cannot stop wearing it. It's big enough to carry everything I need for a whole day out in the city, yet it's still lightweight and doesn't kill my shoulder! There, I got to meet so many NYC bloggers and made some really great friends whom I cannot wait to meet up with again. Next up? I got to see my gorgeous friend Denni who flew in from Paris to host the Macy's Bar III event! I haven't seen her since our photoshoot in Spain, and so it was wonderful to see her again. Boy, did we have a lot to catch up on. There we are at the event on a rooftop by the Hudson and over the juiciest burger at The Spotted Pig (YUM!) Last, but certainly not least, I got to meet the team over at Estee Lauder for brunch. There I am with the amazing perfume creators at the Sensual Nude perfume presentation. Thanks to them, I appreciate fragrance so much more. The new fragrance is super sexy and demure. Best part is catching light whiffs of it on me walking down the street. Talk about a pretty unforgettable week!!

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