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Movie Hoppin

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (Ramona West Vintage Dress, Delvaux bag, Brooklyn Threads bracelet, SoftSpots shoes)

    Just a quick little post! Wore this out and about over the weekend. I'm into mixing prints this time of year just to make my wardrobe a little more exciting and fun. I'm pretty sure the shoes are already on the feet of numerous grandmas. They are incredibly squishy, slightly squeaky, and "made for comfort." But hell, they look cool and feel amazing! Who cares if they were made for ladies 60 and over right?! Anyhow, like almost every other person this weekend, I went to the movies. I saw both Dinner with Schmucks and Eat Pray Love. Dinner with Schmucks was actually kind of funny at some parts. Others, not so much. Eat Pray Love could have been so much better, but I'm in love with Julia Roberts so it didn't really matter. The scenery was really gorgeous though. They really captured the beauty of Bali. I miss Bali so much, although the movie really makes me want to take a trip to India. It looks like a crazy fun place. Much like Malaysia, I hear the streets are chaos. Just a really loud mix of motorcycles and the smell of fried food vendors on the sidewalks. MY kind of place! Its insane, but I'm sure I'll love it. Currently, my aunt is in Shanghai. Apparently, everything is "daaaaamn cheap." Hmm, maybe that will be a holiday destination in the near future! It's hard for me to stay in one place for long periods of time. Enough of my rambling, I've gotta hit the sack. I have a shoot at 8am, which means getting up super early to beat traffic and make it there in one piece! Night night everyone!

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