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Orange Red

    (Vintage coat, H&M sweater, Threadsence skirt, BCBG boots)

    I need something to lift my spirits in the midst of this rainy and gloomy weather we have been having and so I have been pulling a lot of color from my wardrobe. I'm currently obsessed with a burnt orange red shade against darker tones. It just pops. I'm looking for an awesome pair of bright pink or red pants. Know where I can come a pair?! Going anywhere outside sounds dreadful right now because of the chill and rain clouds hovering overhead. This weather is getting on my last nerve. My house is freezing and I never really feel like getting dressed, but rather staying bundled up indoors with a huge wool blanket. Sun, COME BACK. Yet I shouldn't be complaining. Next week, I'm heading over to Seattle for a shoot, where I hear it is currently snowing/raining cats and dogs. But I'm still SUPER excited to visit a city that is totally new to me. For now, I'm off to my agency for a little meet n greet all while desperately craving a Chipotle burrito and vintage shopping. Ciao!

    P.S. I've been getting so many emails regarding the lipstick shade I always wear. It's Plum Perfect by Maybelline. Seriously, it's like $5 at the drugstore and the most amazing shade ever!

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