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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    (Vintage blazer, Calista tank, Forever 21 scarf, Hudson Jeans, Banana Republic boots, Vintage Versace bag)

    With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I spent one evening trekking through downtown Chinatown, grabbing the baked bean buns and poultry requested by my mom so that she could prepare our Chinese New Year dinner. I was kind of appalled by the "black chickens" I ran into at the market, and boringly waited in line for the "brown young chicken" only to find out I didn't have cash on me and they wouldn't accept credit card. Not even caring about the time I just wasted, I decided to take a short walk and have a few snapshots of my outfit before heading out. Even though the sky has been clear, it's actually pretty chilly with only the sun giving me a hint of warmth. With green being one of my favorite colors, I threw on this jade green tank and scarf along with a navy blue blazer. I was wearing booties this whole day because I had some castings and completely forgot to bring flats (gah i hate when that happens)! Despite not being able to make all of my Chinese New Year purchases, I did end up finding a hole in the wall joint with the best boba in town! Happily sipping the creamiest tea on the face of this earth, I jumped in my car just before the meter expired :) GONG XI FA CAI!!

    EXCITING NEWS: I am now part of Glamour's Young and Posh Blogger Network which just launched today!! With Glamour being one of my favorite magazines, I'm excited to be given this wonderful opportunity. I get to share my idea/thoughts/inspirations on all things fashion with Glamour readers as well as connect with some of my favorite bloggers from around the world who are also participating. More updates on the Young and Posh project to come. It has launched with a big bang so go on and see my introductory post on!!

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