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Blue Jeaned Baby

    (Volcom shirt and jeans)

    Here I am sporting brand spankin' new Volcom pieces from the Fall '11 collection that will be hitting stores later this year. I am currently obsessed with the edgy, tomboy vibe of Volcom. This boyish cut-out shoulder shirt and faux-leather striped jean work so perfectly together. I could wear it just about everyday. Luckily, I got this top in a bunch of different shades and prints!

    Definitely makes for an easy ensemble for yet another hectic week.

    Carmen Chan, the photographer who shot my "nerd/boho" photoshoot, came over to my home and shot my sister Dylana and I in our workplace/natural environment. I have seen some of the shots and they are soo amazing! I love Carmen so much, she is bundles of fun and such a talented young photographer. I see her going sooo far! I'm sure I scared her though once I started blasting Justin Bieber from my laptop while she snapped away (but she liked it harhar)! So stay tuned for some beautiful shots of us in our home, rooms, and closets!

    For now, LIKE me on FACEBOOK, where I will be posting even more behind the scenes images and news regarding all of my latest projects!!

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