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What Started as Picking Flowers

    (Free People blouse, Koshka cords, Dolce Vita boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Accessorize ring)

    I love days that are completely spontaneous, and whenever I'm with Claire, they always are! Walking around our neighborhood in the village, we stopped to act like complete dorks and sniff the flowers and admire the pumpkins, before ending up at the local park...only to find a BREADED figure. Sooo yes, we asked a random dude to take our photo. Turns out he was a super sweet road biker from California! Eventually we befriended three really awesome road bikers (we're talking bicycles not motorcycles haha). Being the overly friendly chicks that we are, we brought them to our favorite Israeli cafe before making our way to Williamsburg. There we played guitar and sang our own versions of everything from the Beatles to the Red Hot Chili Peppers! THINGS GET FUNNIER. To ease our hunger pains, we opted for mini cheeseburgers at (off all places) WHITE CASTLE, which was the only place open at 2 in the morning. All I can say is, it was a totally random, fun night meeting new people, making music, and eating at the most legendary fast food restaurant on the planet. I swear this kind of stuff only happens in New York! Oh yeah, I wore a really awesome Free People blouse and boyfriend cords. These pieces always bring me back memories of that evening!

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