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Under the Boardwalk

    (Hallelu blouse, H&M skirt and sunglasses, Bally bag, Cole Haan boots)

    After a fitting, I spent the rest of my evening on the westside, walking Main street in Santa Monica and the boardwalk of Venice Beach. It was so funny, I got recognized by a girl in a shop on Main street and she asked "why I look so familiar" haha. We ended up sharing stories about all the kooky characters out there in fashion. Hilarious! I love my readers. Overall, it was such a beautiful day to go out, laze around, and grab iced coffee! The weather has been in the 70s, 80s and it's still the middle of the winter! Super freaky weather, but it feels incredible! Threw on my favorite blouse from my new blog sponsor, Hallelu! All of there pieces are so wearable and fun. I nearly flipped when I saw this top in the mail, only because I have this wild obsession with all things related to horses. Paired this fun printed top with a bandage fitting skirt. Simple and comfortable for an evening out and about!

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