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On a Clear Day

    (SOLD Design Lab jeans, Vintage blouse and scarf, Forever 21 blazer, 80%20 boots)

    So my family and I really wanted to see a little snow before the end of our holiday break. We took a drive up past Frazier Park. I found it desolate, cold, but so peaceful. It was hard to take photos when your fingers are practically going numb. We didn't find too much snow, only dried up leftovers from the previous storm. There was a bit of sun that day so we got a nice glow as a backdrop. Sometimes it's necessary to get away from civilization for a good 3 hours.

    I haven't really been thinking about what to wear these past few days. Basically, throwing on any blouse with a pair of skinnies and a chunky scarf. Parka always comes in handy for cold nights out so I have it shoved in the backseat of my car. And you won't believe it, but it is SNOWING outside my window right now. I see a soft white blanket covering the rooftops and it is so darn pretty! I hear my parents begging me to come downstairs and take photos in the snow, but I'm glued to my desk chair at the moment and my feet are frozen. It's a magical way to kick off 2011! Come next week, and I'm back to work. This holiday break was short, but long. and surprisingly fun. Hope yours was too!

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