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Electric Blue

    (HaveaLook blouse and skirt, Sienna Ray bag, Bloch ballet flats)

    I have been dying to wear more color and when my sister gifted me this electric blue skirt, I was ecstatic. I need more airy pieces in my life! Especially in this dreadful heat. Another little gift from the big sis? This stellar sheer backed crop top. Paired with my favorite ballet flats and I was ready for a fun evening out. These babies travel with me everywhere and I desperately need a new pair. I have literally walked MILES in them already. But it's crazy how hard it is to find simple black flats that have the right cut. Living on the east coast, I've learned to dress and be prepared for a full day out. You never know where you'll end up or how much walking you'll be doing! I wore this simple ensemble to prance around City Hall in Philadelphia over the weekend. This place could easily be mistaken for Europe huh? The architecture is absolutely stunning! It's one of my favorite spots in Philly. Every time I walk by I just stop and stare... dreaming of Paris of course! But the best part of this evening? My friends and I went out dancing and ended up walking home late at night (not smart considering we were in a pretty dangerous area...imagine, 4 girls...bloggers...desperately trying to get back to Center City alive) and some dude said we looked like "Sex and the City, but in COMPTON!" so priceless! I'll take that as a compliment...

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